Pathology Harmony

Pathology Harmony is an initiative working towards  harmonisation in UK pathology laboratories which was established in January 2007.

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Haematology units of measurement

For the latest statement on the standardisation of reporting units for haematology, issued December 2012, please click here.

The information regarding the standardisation, issued in April 2012, can be viewed here


Full access to site

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FAQ No 3

The third factsheet in our FAQ series can now be viewed in the main site. This factsheet contains responses to questions on albumin, adjusted calcium and the concepts behind Pathology Harmonisation.


Tumour Marker Bookmark

A guideline for the use of tumour markers has been produced by Pathology Harmony. Click here to download a pdf of the bookmark. Laminated copies for distribution are available for distribution to Primary and secondary care. To obtain your copies of the bookmark,  please email stating how many copies you require and your full name and address to




We have received a number of queries about digoxin reference range. Please log on to the main site and see FAQ sheet 2 for further information.


Test units

Pathology harmony has revised the list of recommended units and decimal places for biochemistry and immunology tests in March 2012. To view the revised list click here


Frequently asked questions 1 & 2

A number of queries have been sent to the Pathology Harmony Group following the publication of the first two sets of recommendations. You can read batch of replies for FAQ sheet 1 and FAQ sheet 2 by logging in to the main website at the top of this page and following the link for FAQ.


Phase I

Completed November 2007

To read a summary of Phase I and to learn more about Pathology Harmony in Pathology Harmony news which is downloadable here


Phase II

Completed November 2009

For a summary of the  work carried out in  both Phase I and Phase II click here


Phase III

Work on Phase III projects started in February 2011

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Pathology Harmony is funded by the Department of Health. The group sees appropriate national implementation of agreed harmonisation as absolutely vital rather than implementation on regional level.